The Many Beautiful Seas of Sicily

The Many Beautiful Seas of Sicily Sicily has a sea that is unlike no other, and the beaches surrounding it are absolutely phenomenal. It’s been said that the sea in Sicily is the jewel upon the crown, which is very true, because both tourist an... Read More >>

Caltanissetta Beaches

Best Caltanissetta Beaches As with all parts of Sicily you never seem to be that far from a sensational beach to enjoy. Caltanissetta is fairly central to the island of Sicily and is therefore not positioned right on any of its coastlines. However it... Read More >>

Syracuse Beaches

Top Syracuse Beaches Syracuse, or Siracusa if you prefer, there is the opportunity to explore many a delightful beach. Nestled in a prime spot in the south-eastern corner of Sicily, Syracuse includes the small island of Ortigia and also boasts a sign... Read More >>

Trapani Beaches

Top Trapani Beaches Trapani is a well-known region of Sicily that can be found on the western coastline of the island, slightly veering round towards the northern reaches. It’s a key area for those who wish to reach the Egadi Islands, since you can... Read More >>

North Sicily Beaches

Best Beaches in Palermo Palermo Beaches Palermo is a well-known and major destination for many holidaymakers looking to have a great break in Sicily. Located in the north-western part of the island, it provides access to a great many beaches, some of... Read More >>

Ragusa Beaches

Best Ragusa Beaches Ragusa is known as one of the most stunning provinces in Sicily. It also boasts around 50 miles of seemingly unendingly-beautiful coastline, plenty of which is given over to a beach of some description. As such, if you plan to boo... Read More >>

Messina beaches

Messina Beaches  Messina – the jewel at the very tip of the north-eastern section of Sicily. You can go no further than Messina when travelling to this part of Sicily, but then, why would you want to? This part of the island boasts some spectacula... Read More >>

East Sicily Catania beaches

Catania Beaches The city of Catania draws in many thousands of tourists each year, and when you see it for yourself it is not hard to see why. Tucked into an inward-curving stretch of coastline right in the middle of the eastern side of Sicily, this... Read More >>

South Sicily beaches

Agrigento Beaches Agrigento has an enviable position on the southern coastline of Sicily. As such it may not surprise you to learn there are many good beaches here begging to be discovered.The coastline here stretches for some 150km (that’s around... Read More >>