Vegan Cusine Sicily

Being vegetarian or vegan nowadays: just a trend for some, a conscious choice and even a vocation for others.Whatever the reason this is quite a challenging choice, not much for the ‘food limitations’ that are involved but mainly for the constant... Read More >>

don’t miss Sicilian food

You cannot talk of Sicily without mentioning its wonderful food. Every island, every country, has its own signature dishes and delights to share with visitors. This is no different when it comes to Sicily. Whether you are looking forward to your firs... Read More >>

Michelin-Starred Restaurants in Sicily 2015

If you want to eat in a Michelin-starred restaurant while on holiday in Sicily, there are certainly plenty to choose from. We’ve got all the information on the starred restaurants here, so you can select one near you. 2 stars La Madia Madia means a... Read More >>

Sicilian Organic Wines

Organic produce is becoming more commonly available nowadays. However we are probably more familiar with some organic produce than others. For example, think organic and you are more likely to think of cucumbers and tomatoes than wine. Make no mista... Read More >>

What to eat in Sicily

Ah Sicily… there is so much on offer here in terms of food alone, you could easily spend an entire week taking yourself on a gastronomic tour filled with delights. Knowing where to begin can be a challenge, but it is one you will no doubt be ready... Read More >>

The Hidden Delights of Donnafugata Wines

Sicily has a generous share of vineyards, each growing one or more particular types of grape. Donnafugata may first make you think of the castle of the same name, but Donnafugata is also the name of a wine-making company that has made a name for itse... Read More >>


ORGANIC FARMING BOOM IN SICILY GIVES RISE TO ORGANIC FARMSTAYS  Organic farming is booming in Sicily, with the island home to approximately one third of Italy’s organic farms and 50% of the country’s fruit producers. According to new regional s... Read More >>