Sea Activities

Snorkel Tours Sicily is home to some of the best snorkeling in the world and there are a variety of tours that guests can experience unique snorkeling destinations such Ustica Island, Aeolian Islands, and Egadi island. There are variety of boats, c... Read More >>

Driving in Sicily

Driving in Sicily A car not only gives you freedom to explore the island but it will enable you to live like a local as you navigate your way from A to B.  Armed with a good road map and tips from the locals, driving in Sicily can be a fun part of a... Read More >>

Golfing in Sicily

Golfing in Sicily When you talk of Sicily, the first thing that comes to mind is the movie “Godfather”and the next thing that follows quickly behind is “mafia”. Despite Sicily being for its mafia and crime cartels, it remains a beautiful, anc... Read More >>

Travelling with kids

Things to do in Sicily with Kids You may already know Sicily has more appeal per square mile than you can see on a map. This is particularly good to know if you are planning a family holiday in Sicily. After all you’ll want to know there are plent... Read More >>

My first time in Sicily

My First Time in Sicily I remember my first time in Sicily, but the big question is will you remember your first time? No matter how many more times you return to visit this beautiful and engaging island, will you always remember the first time you s... Read More >>

Sicily Reserves

Those who are unfamiliar with all that Sicily has to offer might mistakenly believe it is merely the home of gorgeous beaches, even better weather and miles of beautiful coastline. Add to that the presence of many charming towns and villages, all wi... Read More >>