The travel doctor

TRAVEL DOCTOR We need a villa for a big family gathering A holiday rental for a party of over-fifties, Costa Rica next Easter and a Christmas yoga retreat in the Canaries Julia Brookes   March 26 2016, 12:01am,   The Times Taormina, Sicily. The... Read More >>

Ready for a Spot of Rock Climbing?

Think of Sicily and what comes to mind first? If you’re a foodie it will be the many delightful dishes made by locals. If you love a glass of good wine, it will be the wineries on the island. And if you love getting out into the open, perhaps rock... Read More >>

See Sicily on Horseback

There are many ways to see the best of Sicily. You can walk, you can hire a car or a moped or even a bicycle, and you can take boat trips off the coast to see the island from a different perspective. But there is another possibility, too. There is th... Read More >>

The Secrets of the Farm Cultural Park

With a name like this, it might be difficult to imagine exactly what the Farm Cultural Park is. For starters, we can tell you it is located to the east of Agrigento, in the region of Favara. It enjoys thousands of visitors each year, all flocking to... Read More >>

Tecnoparco Archimede

We are quite confident in assuming you will have heard of Archimedes. Perhaps you learned about him in school. Archimedes was, of course, an ancient Greek – he of the ‘Eureka!’ moment when he climbed into his bath and realised his body displace... Read More >>

What Awaits You in the Valley of the Temples?

The Valley of the Temples… now that is a name that brings with it drama, intrigue and a sense of the past. And indeed, this is exactly what you get when you visit this charming and beautiful place.This ancient archaeological site can be explored in... Read More >>

Experience a Performance at the Teatro Massimo

Anyone staying in a villa anywhere near Palermo should make the time to visit the Teatro Massimo. Boasting a capacity of over 1,300 people, this opera house lays on an impressive schedule of performances throughout the year. Throughout February, for... Read More >>

Savouring the Secrets of Firriato

On the western coastline of Sicily, near the popular city of Trapani, lies a winery that is fast making a name for itself. Firriato was founded in 1985 so it has a solid three decades of experience to fall back on. This is still relatively young in t... Read More >>

Infiorata di Noto

Every country has its festivals, but some are definitely more colourful and vibrant than others. If there was a prize for the most colourful one of all, surely the Infiorata di Noto would be in with a shot at first prize. Think of the most colourful... Read More >>

Massimo villas & doers magazine

Kortfrågor Till Massimo Provenza, sicilianaren som av en slump började jobba inom resebranschen. Hans företag Massimo Villas hyr idag ut semesterbostäder runt om i hela Italien.Massimo, hur fick du idén och hur kom du igång? Allt började f... Read More >>

Autumn:Sicily at its best

With summer having come and gone, those yearning for sun, sand and sea should look no further than Sicily this autumn, when prices tumble, the crowds melt away and the temperatures are warm, but more comfortable than the highs of summer. Sicily villa... Read More >>