Get an Introduction to Kite Surfing

Regardless of whether you’ve heard of kite surfing yet or not, the only true way of experiencing it for real is to have a go for yourself. And there is no better place to do this than at the Sicily Kite School. This is the oldest one of its kind on... Read More >>

Ready for a Spot of Rock Climbing?

Think of Sicily and what comes to mind first? If you’re a foodie it will be the many delightful dishes made by locals. If you love a glass of good wine, it will be the wineries on the island. And if you love getting out into the open, perhaps rock... Read More >>

See Sicily on Horseback

There are many ways to see the best of Sicily. You can walk, you can hire a car or a moped or even a bicycle, and you can take boat trips off the coast to see the island from a different perspective. But there is another possibility, too. There is th... Read More >>

The Secrets of the Farm Cultural Park

With a name like this, it might be difficult to imagine exactly what the Farm Cultural Park is. For starters, we can tell you it is located to the east of Agrigento, in the region of Favara. It enjoys thousands of visitors each year, all flocking to... Read More >>

Tecnoparco Archimede

We are quite confident in assuming you will have heard of Archimedes. Perhaps you learned about him in school. Archimedes was, of course, an ancient Greek – he of the ‘Eureka!’ moment when he climbed into his bath and realised his body displace... Read More >>

What Awaits You in the Valley of the Temples?

The Valley of the Temples… now that is a name that brings with it drama, intrigue and a sense of the past. And indeed, this is exactly what you get when you visit this charming and beautiful place.This ancient archaeological site can be explored in... Read More >>

Experience a Performance at the Teatro Massimo

Anyone staying in a villa anywhere near Palermo should make the time to visit the Teatro Massimo. Boasting a capacity of over 1,300 people, this opera house lays on an impressive schedule of performances throughout the year. Throughout February, for... Read More >>

Massimo’s Villas on Volcanoes

MASSIMO’S VILLAS ON VOLCANOES One of the most dramatic and awe inspiring locations for a holiday villa is a volcano.  For independent  adventurers, nature lovers, foodies and wine buffs, the Massimo Villa Collection’s growing portfolio... Read More >>

Egadi Islands

The Egadi Islands are referred to properly in Italian as Isole Egadi. In English they are known more as the Aegadian Islands. These should not be confused with the Aeolian Islands – a completely different group of islands in this part of the world.... Read More >>

Pelagie Islands

If you are visiting Sicily, or are thinking of doing so, you might want to look into the Pelagie Islands. These are lesser-known islands compared to the Aeolian Islands, which are much closer to Sicily.   However while they are a distance away f... Read More >>