Private Chefs are available for hands-on cooking classes in the privacy of your villa

Our team of private Chefs are available for hands-on cooking classes in the privacy of your villa. Whether your family or group is large or small, we will work with you to create the perfect menu. Our Chef will take of the fresh ingredients to prepare a wonderful meal for your group. Choose a fish or meat option. The entire meal will be based on a starter, fish or meat option and a dessert.

What is Massimo’s home cooking experience? A  chef cooks a meal for you at your villa. It can be an informal pizza evening, a wholesome family meal or a special celebration feast.

Who is providing the service? Massimo’s chefs range from top-notch, experienced chefs to local cooks.

Why choose home cooking? This experience is an all-time favourite because you not only eat a delicious meal in the comfort of your own villa, but you learn from a local chef how to prepare it and where to source ingredients locally so you can try it yourself. If you are the main cook in the group, this will give you time off. For a special occasion, the intimate setting and delicious meal are one to remember. If you have young children in the group, staying at the villa can be a more relaxing option than a restaurant.

What is the cost? The service is bespoke so the cost depends on your specific requirements, but the average cost is 40 to 50 Euro per person. The service includes the cost of ingredients, local wine and an extra person for service.

When should I book? Pre-book at least 14 days before arrival.