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Private Yoga Classes at your Villa

A nice stay in a Villa is an ideal location for Yoga classes: It has the right atmosphere and facilities, and the magnificent views add to a worthwhile experience. Rise and shine with a unique and exclusive experience, reach for the sky and feel like you can literally touch the clouds! Start an extraordinary day

Our professional yoga instructors focus on personal attention and first-class experiences. Whether you are a complete beginner, interested in trying something new, an intermediate yogi wanting to learn more about your own alignment, or dealing with injury and needing personal attention, our yoga classes have the ideal instructor to make sure that you feel connected and all your personal needs are met.



  • What is Massimo’s in-villa private yoga experience?A private session at your villa.

  • Who is providing the service? A qualified yoga instructor.

  • Why choose an in-villa private yoga session? You can take your practice deeper with guidance from an expert at your villa.

  • What is the cost? 90 Euro per class for up to 4 people and 15 Euro per extra person. The class lasts for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

  • When should I book? 14 days before arrival or last minute depending on availability.