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Wine Tasting: discover the best local wineries in Sicily

Expert guides will lead you to discover the best winery located nearby your villa.

A day immersed in the Sicilian countryside between wine and local products. Wine Tasting it opens its doors to wine enthusiasts, to share and spread the culture of wine through guided tours, tastings and refined pairings with specialities of the Mediterranean cuisine.

Enjoy a unique experience and treat yourself to wine tours around Sicily with our experienced team . Discover the wines of this Sicily island!




  • What is Massimo’s wine tasting experience? Visit a local vineyard, find out how the wine is made, then taste the wine. The tour and tasting take one hour and 30 minutes.

  • Who is providing the service? A wine expert at the vineyard.

  • Why choose wine tasting? Apart from the scenic setting at the vineyard, you will learn all about how Sicilian wine is made, from the grape to the bottle. It is a fascinating and interesting tour which enables you to increase your knowledge of wine. The experience will help you choose the bottles you like best to enjoy back at your villa.

  • What is the cost? It is 25 Euro per person for up to four people or 20 Euro per person for a large group. For an exclusive private wine tasting, the price is 35 Euro per person.

  • When should I book? Wine tasting can be booked 7 days before your arrival or during your stay, depending on availability.