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We help you avoid crushing setbacks to your perfect Italian holiday

The Internet helps you connect with people around the world, including Italian villa owners offering their place for a holiday rental. As you imagine the perfect Italian holiday in Tuscany, Puglia, or Sicily, you look at pictures, amenities, and proximity to towns. You instantly place yourself by the private pool, taking in the sun or standing on the patio enjoying the surrounding mountain views. You think about what it will be like to cook in the fully equipped kitchen with locally grown produce. You arrive after finding this person independently on the Internet and find your agreement lacks lustre. All your imaginings are dashed.

Massimo Villas helps you avoid these crushing setbacks to your perfect Italian holiday. We work with you as an independent site. We meet all of the owners and key holders for the villas on our site. We travel around all of our destinations to learn about our villas and provide you with the best information for renting the perfect villa in Italy. For 13 years we have offered Italian villas to clients. We improve each year based on your recommendations, learning from our guests so we can grow our business. From this experience we have create the following details on what you should know, be prepared for, and ask with regards to your villa rental in Italy. We wish you have the perfect honeymoon, family, group, couple, or any other holiday in Italy.

If you decide to search independently for villas in Italy you should ask basic questions about the culture, location, pool, amenities, and what services are offered. Establish what you want for your villa holiday, as well as the budget you have to find the proper location.

If you would like you can start your research based on three or four locations, and narrow down the island or mainland destination you want to visit.

After you have a few choices for your holiday picked out, it is time to speak with a specialist. Contact Massimo Villas to ask more questions and discover more about the regions you are interested in. Tuscany is a wonderful and idyllic region often with larger rental properties than other areas of Italy. Home to Chianti and other spectacular wines, as well as the Medici heritage it requires significant budget or rental specialist with deals available.

Sicily is ever popular with rising prices particularly in Taormina. The summer heat can also be rather debilitating, which may determine the time of year you wish to visit. Cefalu, Egadi, and Aeolian Islands may be alternative areas in Sicily to consider for your holiday.

When speaking with your specialist provide as much detail as you can regarding your requirements, amenities, and features. Make it known if you require baby cribs, wheelchair access, and other special amenities. Let the specialist know if you will have pets or need Wi-Fi access. By offering details, Massimo Villas can provide better recommendations that suit your needs and desires for the perfect holiday rental package.

Villas in Italy are often about privacy with private pools, barbecues, and more. However, villas near town may lack some of the privacy you desire. It is best to think about the location and features you wish to have in your holiday villa. If you absolutely want to be near town or in the heart of the village, ask your specialist what limitations may exist. You have access to shops, restaurants, fun, sightseeing, and entertainment, but you may compromise in privacy.

Unless you ask for specials, discounts, bespoke packages and extras you may not know what is truly available. Often Massimo Villas is able to work with you for the perfect holiday including special offers. We have established relationships with villa owners over more than a decade to provide you with all you need. This also includes special offers on occasion.

We understand your hesitation with booking on contract. You may have suffered in the past with tough to get-out-of-agreements by booking on your own. If you decide to book on your own or go with a different company it is important to have a contract and read the fine print. This is the best protection you can provide yourself with. Contracts ensure there is an agreement between you and the owner, as well as our specialist for all prices including any bespoke options you require.

Our last word of advice is insurance. Travel insurance is invaluable to you. Any delays, errors, or other unforeseen issues that may occur are protected with travel insurance. It is the last item that can offer you peace of mind as you start your holiday bookings up to your arrival. Now you know how to obtain the very best for holiday villas in Italy. You can sit back, put your feet up and dream about your perfect Italian holiday and accommodation.

Italy is full of amazing wonders from old world architecture to undersea delights. Ensuring you have a full holiday with all the activities, relaxation, and comfort you desire requires a little preparation beforehand. There are nine basics offered to you to make your holiday in Sicily, Sardinia, Puglia, or Tuscany perfect.

Before you start examining details for renting a villa or apartment in Italy, it is important to go over some marketing information. A lot of confusion occurs when holiday goers start their research because they see many of the same properties listed online, but under different names. It might lead you to think fraud is occurring. It is not in any away fraud or a scam. Owners have their own website for advertisement. There are also specialist companies like Massimo Villas. Rather than driving every visitor back to the owner website, specialist companies wish to retain your business. This is due to the added services and specials you can access. The villa names may differ from site to site, but it is a marketing technique to help you find a trusty specialist with discounts and more.

Renting a villa in Italy can be done on your own, but you open yourself and any other visitors up to a host of issues. It is an investment, one worthy of being as ideal as you hope. You do not want to arrive without assurances. By using a specialist to at least tap into some references you know you will have the best home in the area you prefer. By using a specialist you have people who really visit the villas before making a recommendation to you.

Gather more information than any agency website provides you. Agencies are great when you wish to find a home and vet the owners. Testimonials are also helpful, but do a little sleuthing on your own. Take the property and Google it to find out what other sites are saying.

Remember to take reviews with a grain of sand – meaning you should not trust reviews 100% of the time. Too many negative reviews will mean something is wrong. So one complaint is normal, two can happen, and more than three means you might wish to look elsewhere as you sleuth for the perfect holiday villa.

Visiting Italy as a group or couple means you have different needs. If you require a place that sleeps more than 10, a hotel is certainly out. A hotel would require at least two rooms to accommodate your group. It can also be rather expensive to go that route. Renting a villa with a large group while seemingly expensive is often more cost effective. There is a change of spending less than €30 per person a day with the right villa rental.

With larger groups you may not have an ensuite for each person, but you will have more privacy. Additionally, you can cook in the house or apartment helping to save on food costs. Even for a smaller group it can be cost effective when you travel due to the amenities and privacy. Just think about sunbathing comfortably on your honeymoon or swimming privately. No one can disturb you. Plus, you are not in a hotel which can be louder. By thinking of the size of accommodation you need based on the trip you wish to have, you can start to narrow down your search for the perfect villa or apartment location.

Issues happen even while on holiday. While you do not want to plan for an incident such as a flooded or backed up toilet it can happen. Speak with your rental agent to determine if they will be on hand 24/7 or if the owner will be accessible for issues. If nothing else plan ahead by finding a local handyman you can trust before you go.

Most of the time your holiday weeks need to be chosen before you can take time off. At the beginning of the year you probably know the dates for holidays. This is also a good time to plan and begin your search for a place to be. If you visit during popular holiday times such as Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and summer it will be difficult to find specials early. However, places tend to book up quickly, which may mean there is nothing left in the area you wish to visit. By starting early you can discover special offers currently in place and see if they work with the time you are able to visit.

The booking agent will need to know exactly what you require for your holiday from the amenities to the pets you wish to bring. Make certain to ask about wheelchair access, handicap accessibility, baby cribs, toys, and other amenities you may need based on your holiday plans.

There are times you may wish to spend the entire holiday in your villa rental, but you may also be there to explore the wonderful architecture, shops, and culture of Italy. To do this you have options such as public or private transportation. Public transportation such as buses and the metro are great if you want to depend on the countries’ transportation schedule. With a private car rental, you set your holiday terms for relaxation, tours, and private tours.

If you have a large party, hiring a cook may be the best way to get dinner on the table while at the villa. It can be a lot of fun to sit around letting someone else prepare your meals or you can enjoy a few cooking lessons from a qualified Italian chef.

With these nine basic tips, your holiday villa rental in Italy will go smoothly. You can relax on the deck, with the barbeque going and the children in the pool. Perhaps it is just you and your new husband? No matter how many people a worry free holiday awaits you.

One common question people tend to ask when booking a villa with us concerns the name of the villa. There have been occasions when people have booked a villa with a specific name – let’s say Villa A for ease of identification – and when they arrive they find the owner refers to it as Villa B.

What does this mean for you, the holidaymaker?

When you make a booking with us we can assure you of the very best service at all times. We are transparent with our services too, which is why we would like to highlight this name-changing facility as a marketing tactic that is quite common in the business today.

The fact is there are plenty of villa rental companies around today. Every company likes to distinguish itself from the competition – to set itself apart in as many ways as possible. We are no different in this respect, since we like to ensure our clients receive as much information as possible and are well taken care of, both before and during their holiday.

However many of these companies will offer villas that appear on more than one website. Thus they like to make sure their website stands out in order to receive a good quantity of bookings. For this reason they may decide to change the name of the villa that is offered. Every company is in business to make money of course, and by changing the name they may be able to limit the chances of people finding the same villa on plenty of different websites. As such this is purely a marketing strategy and nothing more. We would like to assure you there is nothing fraudulent involved in this practice.

There are a number of important things to consider when you rent a villa. Firstly, check the villa company name and the property manager’s name in Google. Ensure there is evidence the company exists and is a professional company you can trust to provide you with a top-notch booking service. If you cannot find evidence of the company you should go elsewhere.

Of course in the vast majority of cases you will find plenty of evidence to support the existence of the company you have found. For example, our company provides a professional service to all our clients, and is capable of handling whatever booking you wish to make. We are always here to provide advice and support at every stage, to ensure you have the chance to book your ideal Sicilian holiday.

So if you happen to fall in love with, perhaps, a Villa Vista on our website and you arrive to find the owner calls the villa by the name Villa Playa, there is no need to worry. This is merely a marketing tactic in effect on the website, and it will have no effect on you enjoying a marvellous holiday.