Security and Safety


Your Safety is Our Priority”

At Massimo Villas, we run our business very seriously and that is why we prioritize the safety and well-being of our guests at all times. We have taken all of the necessary steps to give you a safe environmentso that you can have the peace of mind to full enjoy your holiday during your stay with us. We have taken into consideration any and all aspects of potential hazards and have addressed them as we saw fit, however, we would like to advise our guests to purchase travel insurance in case of unforeseen circumstances

Staying with us
Our villas are privately owned and we open them to tourists who would like to spend a night with us. Our properties range from larger modern villas down to smaller town houses which have been converted. Naturally the accommodation we offer is equipped with furnishings that differ from one villa to the next and the decorations plus amenities were installed based on the owner’s own tastes.
Basic amenities such as bed sheets, dishes and other basic things you need to live comfortably will be provided whereas more modern commodities such as toasters and coffee makers might not be readily available. As our properties are privately owned, they are maintained to the best knowledge of the owner and it is meant to give a ‘localized’ feeling for tourists who will immediately get a feel for the local tradition and culture of the area. In order for tourists to enjoy their stay, they must be open towards staying in a privately furnished villa that offers a very different experience from staying in other official hotels.

Finer Details Mean Everything
We believe that the key to enjoying your holiday lies in the finer details and that is why we have put in the effort to make sure your stay with us is as comfortable and unique as can be. Aside from making sure the villa is fully prepared for your arrival, we also have plenty of useful information regarding the weather, places to see and interesting facts about the local area and of its local populace. We know you are eager to start your exploration after you check in which is why our travellers booklet will definitely come in handy!
How we evaluate our properties
As Massimo Villas, we only pick the highest quality properties and list them for tourists like you to rent and stay in. The process goes as follows:

Step #1: Our 2-man Property Team is in charge of scouting and looking for brand new properties to add to our growing list of properties for rent by tourists. We place emphasis on a number of key aspects such as overall condition of the villa, location and other factors which we believe will benefit tourists before we even think about adding it to our website.

Step #2: Once a particular property has gone through our Property Team’s scrutiny and has been given the green light, we will then take a 2 to 4 hour visit to the actual property and have a look for ourselves. This process of elimination ensures we only spend the time to view properties that stand out and are worth looking further into. During this visit, we will have strict guidelines about the property’s overall level of safety it gives to occupants, taking note of any possible hazardous areas that could cause injury.

Step #3: Once the safety concerns have been addressed, we will judge whether the property requires any further cleaning or repairs done on it before allowing tourists to rent it, giving them the chance to fully enjoy their stay with us.
At Massimo Villas, we are committed to providing tourists with quality properties for rent during their stay with us and to provide a safe environment to live in at all times. Owners of these villas often neglect the safety of their property and its surroundings, which we have known to affect families of tourists who live there from time to time. Also, do keep in mind that as these villas are not government owned, and are instead privately owned and furnished, it would be unwise to expect it to be the of the same maintenance quality other public owned properties. This is because all work that is needed to maintain the villa’s upkeep lies solely on the shoulders of its owners, which varies from one individual to the next. That is why we have put in place so many steps and procedures, because we want to not only make sure our guests have the best times of their lives while on holiday with us, but we also want to make sure there are no health hazards that could cause injuries when you are on the villa’s premises. We check the villa’s quality and judge whether it is fit for rent to travellers through an extensive degree of categories like cleanliness, overall state of the property, service standards and whether the furnishings are too old fashioned for tourists.

Step #4: Once everything has been covered in our list and we have positively identified the property’s quality and have judged it as passing our inspection the real magic begins. The team at Massimo Villas will start renovating the place and will help craft a wonderful and memorable family experience for you. This is where we particularly shine in bringing the joy out of staying in our properties with us, for your comfort and safety is it top priority at all times.
All of our properties go through the exact same selection process and we do not simply allow any villa or property to go through and be put up on our website for rent unless we have specifically deemed it as worthy for rent. No matter which villa you pick, you will be staying in a comfortable property with all the basic amenities you need, and you can rest easy knowing that we have also taken care of all the potential health hazards and safety risks.